The Company
StandartBio Ltd, founded in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1985 was established with a primary focus on defense projects and military vehicles for the Turkish Security Forces.

Some of these projects include the sale of Light Armored Vehicles in different variants, Riot Control Vehicles, Personal Protection, Special Operation Equipment, Refurbishing, Training and Servicing programs as well as building Patrol Boats for the Turkish National Police and Gendarmerie.

In 2005, Standart Bio used its 20 years of disciplined defense experience to expand into the industrial marketplace. The company has developed and supplied the Turkish State Organizations with unique and advanced solutions for their requirements, including off-road tracked ambulances, state-of-the-art snow removal equipment and associated support infrastructure, advanced-mobility fire and rescue trucks, and airbag-type crash cushion barrier systems on the highways as a few example projects. Standart Bio, through its information technology division has built and installed the border entry systems and took part in the latest RFID passport issuing systems for the Turkish National Police.

StandartBio is solution oriented and always welcomes new projects, new systems and new partners. Our proud history of successful marketing, design, engineering and manufacturing guides Standart Bio into the future.