MRAP / SWAT Vehicles
Lenco Armored Vehicles is the leading designer and manufacturer of armored police vehicles for law enforcement agencies and SWAT teams. Lenco has produced nearly 5,000 vehicles in over 40 countries around the world.
StandartBio supplied the largest fleet of armored vehicles and riot control vehicles to the Turkish Police and Gendarmerie for over 20 years. StandartBio has been supplying technical assistance, field service and training for its fleet spread throughout Turkey including many remote locations where the vehicles are frequently deployed in hostile environments.
Lenco and StandartBio joined forces to offer a wide range of armored vehicles to the Turkish Police Forces and SWAT teams. The product line includes the BEAR and Bearcat and its variants of each vehicle for MRAP and M-ATV applications, VIP protection, TEMS response & rescue, bomb / EOD and anti-riot.
All Lenco armored vehicles are built with Mil-Spec steel armor plate certified to defeat multi-hit attacks from 7.62 AP / .50 Cal BMG. Higher levels of armor and blast/mine protection levels are also available to suit the various operation requirements.
One of the most important facts about the Lenco vehicles is their low maintenance cost due to standard commercial power and drivetrain architecture.