Fire Fighting Vehicles
The General Purpose Vehicles (GPV) company, based in New Haven, Michigan, has designed and developed a state-of-art modular system of wheeled vehicle platform. These vehicle platforms are configured from four to ten wheels (4x4x4, 6x6x6, 8x8x8 and 10x10x10), family of armoured personnel carriers which also include a family of six and eight wheeled trucks. All platforms used the same architecture of engine, transmission, all wheel drive and all wheel steer and suspension systems with unparallel performance.

StandartBio and GPV joined their capabilities to design a chassis with all the military tactical truck futures and performance for an industrial application. Using a custom design aluminum cab and fully modular superstructure , we have created a new concept in Fire and Resque Vehicles.

GPV Rescue truck, equipped with a strong bulldozer , an onboard PTO driven generator, portable generator, 10 meter reach crane, hydraulic and electrical rescue tools and lift bags, inflatable boats with outboards and many other special cutting tools and search and rescue equipment, sets a new industry standart.

GPV Fire trucks , equiped with a strong bulldozer and the best available equipments like world famous Rosenbauer Pump, 3000 liter water tank, 500 liter foam tank, telescopic remote monitor and light tower, thermal cameras, SCBA systems, all types of search and rescue tools and equipments, offers an unmatched capabilities and performance.

All GPV Fire and Rescue trucks share a CAN-BUS arcitecture with pragramable control systems which offers unlimitted performs settings to the user, depending on their mission requirements. With powerfull +400 hp Cat C9 engine and ZF automatic transmission, all time all wheel drive system, all wheel steering and electronicly controlled air activated suspension giving a remarkable 520 mm of wheel travel and variable height control system and central tire inflation system , makes the GPV Fire and Rescue trucks the best all-terrain vehicle in its class.