Crash Cushion Barrier
Snoline is the the market leader for road safety products namely long-lasting road markings, crush cushions and road safety acessories.

StandartBio and Snoline pioneered to introduce TAU Crush Cussions ,a new road safety product to the Turkish market. Many sytems have been installed to critical locations on the Istanbul’s busy roads to help to save the lives of innumberable people.

TAU redireting Crush Cussions system fully complies with road safety requirements; it guarantees excellent protection against direct or angular front impact and pushes the vehicle in the right direction in the event of side impact.

TAU consists of modules with airbags that dissipate the energy of impact. These modules can be easily adapted to suit the different levels of impact energy and speeds. Many modules are re-useable ,so damaged system may be re-stored very fast and in a very cost efficient method.