De-Icing Systems
StandartBio and Boschung Mecatronic, a Swiss base company, joined their knowledge and expertise to offer the best Road Weather Information System (RWIS). Our system, proved to be the most efficient combination of road safety, environmental protective and cost-effective.

The RWIS generally, comprises of the data acquisition, data transfer and data evaluation modules.

The ground sensors installed in the road surface measure – among other parameters – the surface temperature, the freezing point temperature and the pavement surface condition (dry, damp, wet, slippery because of ice, black-ice, hoarfrost or snow).

With the aid of meteorological sensors, the Remote Processing Unit (RPU) records the type and intensity of precipitation, visibility, air temperature, relative humidity and any other parameters required by the customer.
Using the conditioning electronics integrated into the measuring station, these values are prepared for transmission and relayed to the software, where they are centralized, evaluated and displayed.

The unique concept of the integrated alarms, with predefined advance warnings and specific alarms which can be configured by the customer, provide the necessary information to take the right decisions at the right time during winter maintenance operations. Situation-related, user-friendly displays, based on a geographical map, enable the user to assess the overall situation at a glance.

Other main components for use in winter maintenance operations – including fixed automated spray technology systems (TMS) or snow removal and spreader vehicles equipped with the Vpad – can be integrated into the same management software in order to provide decision-makers with the most important information, in real time, so that they can make the optimum use of all the resources at their disposal.