StandartBio has been working very closely with local municipalities and highway authorities to implement a safer restraint systems on our roads and highways to save lives.

SGGT , is a Germany based company specialized in restraint systems. They offer wide range of steel guardrails and barriers for permanent and temporary use.

StandartBio has been working togeher with SGGT experts to provide unique solutions to the local administrations for their specific application. DUO-RAIL is one of the important product where a modular mobile protective steel barrier needed which can offer T1 to T3 or H1 to H2 containment levels.

Bridge-Guard, Super-Rail, Mini-Guard, Vario-Guard, Gate-Guard are only some examples of our product line offering different types and levels of containment according to EN 1317-2.

We also offer different type and design of SOUND BARRIERS made out of various materials and construction types.