Metal Craft Aluminum Fireboat
The FireStorm High-Speed Aluminum Fireboat is a new generation in fireboat technology. It is a culmination of years of study and research into high volume pumping systems and their effects on a small boat's stability, controllability, dynamic loading and righting moments.
The FireStorm provides more speed, maneuverability & pumping capacity than any other high speed fireboat in the market today. It is fitted with twin Hale pumps that produced flow meter results of 6665 GPM @ 150 PSI, 7000 GPM @ full stream, from two 3000 GPM Hale pumps. The pumps are situated low in the engine room and are, therefore, self-priming.
High pump numbers are due to the unique MetalCraft Marine proprietary designed sea chests. These sea chests have an intake three times the cross sectional area of the main, can be inspected and cleaned while underway and provides a positive head to the pump, as well as pump redundancy.
The monitor location is central and close to the center of buoyancy of the vessel. This permits the helmsman to pivot the streaming at any angle. The boat's head never blows off its course. Simplicity is the key to the fire system, and is based on fire truck system design for ease of maintenance