APC 6x6x6 - 8x8x8
Advanced Defense Vehicle Systems Corporation (ADVS) is a company formed for the concept of designing, developing, and manufacturing defense vehicles as a system of variants that meet current and future requirements of the military, homeland defense, and national security markets. Prior to the advent of ADVS, the company founders’ started, owned, and managed two prior companies, of which ADVS is a direct descendant. With the company founders’ 40+ years of experience in this field and over 50+ patents and patents-pending, the ADVS vehicle system concept has many significant technical features that are vastly superior to competitor’s vehicle’s features. These innovative vehicle product features, coupled with ADVS’ extensive engineering and manufacturing experience, as well as its strong “brand” reputation, make ADVS the “Ferrari” of the wheeled armored vehicle industry today.

Standartbio has completed many successful programs with ADVS team in TURKEY including a license agreement to produce family of wheeled armored vehicles in country.

The two partner companies are seeking an opportunity to launch a program in Turkey with ADVS’s new family of 6x6x6 / 8x8x8 vehicles “CHAMELEON” and 4x4x4 “M-APEX”.