RIOT Control Vehicle
StandartBio has designed and built the first Riot Control Vehicle (RCV) in Turkey. For the last 10 years we have been improving our vehicle with the feedback we gain from its users, the Turkish Police and Gendarmerie. Thanks to its “Smart-Tech” technology, all RCV operational controls are at the fingertips of its operators through a very simple and user-friendly color PT terminal and multi-function joystick controller. All systems are operated by PLC modules and open to endless operational programming scenarios!

Our RCV provides security to the crew with its armored and positive pressured cabin, self-protection fire systems, and day/night surveillance systems. The fast and precise water cannon with options of throwing water/foam/dye/CS/OS mixtures in any combination, large and strong barricade removing bulldozer, all around protection fences and special run flat tires, is truly the best available Riot Control Vehicle in the world.